Frequently Asked Questions

Q Can i put my name on it or logo on it?
A Absolutely! you can put your logo or name anywhere you would like, it's entirely up to you. We also have a label that you can upload your logo or select one from our system and add your contact info to that gets affixed to the back of the woven products

Q How much is shipping?

Q How long does it take to get?
A Free Shipping is UPS Ground and depending on your location it can take 6-10 days

Q Can I use a design I created?
A You can upload any image you like, if you wish to design in photoshop and upload the completed design, thats fine or if you would like to upload your images and design in our innovative workshop then that works as well. It's totally up to you

Q How do I reach Customer Service?
A If you have an question that cannot be handled through email feel free to give us a call at 855.264.1850

Q What is the email address?